What the heck does “HOLISTIC” mean?

Holistic is a word that we’re hearing more and more lately, and that’s a good thing! Holistic starts with the idea of something being “whole,” in fact, it might have made more sense for the word to have been “wholistic.”

When we talk about “holistic health” or “holistic mental health” it really means that the provider (the doctor, clinical nurse specialist, nurse practitioner, therapist etc.) is looking at the WHOLE person and the WHOLE picture.

One way that a holistic provider looks at the whole person is by looking at the BODY, MIND and SPIRIT.  This just means that even if you think you just have a problem with your body (physically), it can affect your mind (emotionally) and it can affect your spirit (what makes you, YOU and what gives your life meaning).  Having a problem with your mind can likewise cause problems with your body and/or your spirit.

For example, you might take your child to the provider for a headache. The headache could be caused by a physical complaint such as dehydration, or it could be caused by something emotional such as stress.

When you take your child to a holistic provider, the holistic provider will work to discover ALL of the possible reasons that your child might be having a problem and treating the underlying problem first.  For a headache your holistic provider might recommend increasing water intake and decreasing stress before they try prescribing a medicine for the headache.

Sometimes mental health problems like ADHD can be caused by a physical problem. Scientists have a theory that when a person has ADHD there is too little norepinephrine and/or dopamine (brain chemicals) in the brain and so sometimes providers will prescribe a medication for ADHD.

A holistic provider also knows that other problems can LOOK like ADHD and your child might not need that medication. Some of these problems can be because of physical problems such as not getting enough sleep or not getting enough vitamins or minerals, but they’ll also consider that ADHD problems can be because of emotions such as anxiety or executive skill dysfunction, both of which can be treated without medication.

If you would like to figure out ALL the reasons that your child might be having a problem with their mental health before you start a medication, it might be a great idea to meet with a holistic mental health provider.

Please give Wildflower Holistic Psychiatry a call at 234.208.5772 if you think your child might benefit from a holistic treatment approach!

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